Some classic holiday plants can actually harm your pet. These are the plants you should avoid.
More than 12 million pounds of raw beef was recalled for possible salmonella contamination. Here’s what you need to know about the bacteria.
The reserve zone is inactive and allows for matrix production (Figure 1). It is used for storage and has low oxygen tension
Fractures at risk for nonunion includes the scaphoid, proximal femur (femoral neck fracture), fifth metatarsal (Jones Fracture
Principles of Surgical Treatment for Osteomyelitis Adequate debridement of all infected tissue, include bone is critical
Rotator Cuff Examination Inspect the shoulder area first! Infraspinatus muscle atrophy may be present and may be a sign of
Symptoms and Signs There will be sharp, shooting pain down the buttock, thigh, leg and down the foot. These symptoms of shooting
For more information, visit my YouTube Channel: Anatomy Occasionally, a hip pointer
For more information on the knee and knee injuries, follow the links below: https
An x-ray will need to be obtained. Either a fracture or proximal migration of the sesamoid bone will be seen. If seen on
Surgical exploration may be needed and the use of ultrasound is helpful in detecting the barb fragment (Figure 5). The patient
Think of them as tiny windows into what's going on inside your body.
We can wake ourselves up by increasing our oxygen level by breathing deeply. Or conversely, we can put ourselves to sleep with a kind of meditation of shallow breathing, and repeating silently the words to the rhythmic "in" and "out" like a mantra.
Now comes the fun part - Create a tasty, "adios to spring allergy treat " 3 avocados (peeled and mashed) Add: fresh cilantro
Most days, I still don't think that I look much like someone with PTSD. This is an odd thought whenever I interrogate it: I look like myself, my self has PTSD -- ipso facto, if A=B, B=C, then A=C -- I look like someone with PTSD. But it's still hard for me to see.
You're probably already familiar with head lice (whether you've had it yourself, or know someone who has). But have you heard of sea lice? If you've got any beach plans this summer -- particularly in Florida or elsewhere in the Gulf of Mexico or the Caribbean -- listen up.
If you -- or someone you know -- need help, please call 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. If you
Do me a favor, Big Pharma: Enough with the pharmaceutical ads. I just want to sit back on my Barcalounger and watch actors