A group of Hasidic Jewish worshippers were arrested amid a dispute over a secret tunnel built beneath a historic Brooklyn synagogue, setting off a brawl between police and the tunnel's defenders.
Authorities have filed a murder charge in the October slaying of a Detroit synagogue leader, saying she was killed by a stranger who broke into her home.
Police say a Detroit synagogue president has been found stabbed to death outside her home.
Jews in communities far from Israel gathered at synagogues this weekend for their Shabbat services, held in the aftermath of Hamas militants' attack on Israel that ignited an ongoing war.
A Glock 17 was reportedly seized during the investigation, along with a 30-round magazine and a large knife.
Some communities are posting extra police at synagogues following the warning amid a chilling increase in antisemitism.
Police in Britain arrested two teenagers in connection with the hostage taking at a Texas synagogue that left an armed captor dead.
Authorities confirmed that 44-year-old Malik Faisal Akram is the now-dead man who took four hostages during a service at a synagogue in Colleyville.
Authorities confirmed that the suspect, who died after holding people at a synagogue near Dallas for 12 hours, was a 44-year-old British national.
Mayor Bill de Blasio called the clandestine ceremony at Brooklyn's Yetev Lev temple "just unacceptable."