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Tourism is now Iceland’s No. 1 industry, but this transformation hasn’t come without growing pains. Other northern regions can take note as they assess their own potential.
Around 40 percent of Turkish women go to university, but only 11 percent graduate. Activists say a range of obstacles, from
After three years under siege, children in Eastern Ghouta are forced to steal and beg for their survival. To make matters
Residents of Clyde River, Nunavut, hope to quash a government permit for underwater oil and gas exploration with claims that
Peter Bajomi-Lazar, editor of the respected Hungarian media studies quarterly Mediakutato, says that Fidesz came back into
Zimbabwe’s recession has seen banks unable to dispense cash and public services suffering from a severe lack of funding. As
As ties between Cairo and Damascus strengthen, Syrian journalist Abdulrahman al-Masri explores the factors behind possible
St. Louis is a city of seeming contradictions. At one point, it was staunchly segregated. Yet it now has one of the largest
Two Syrian brothers who are both journalists describe the harrowing decisions that led one to flee their hometown of Aleppo
“This MPA clearly recognizes human use and the importance of the region to the community,” said Chris Debicki, project director