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By: Valentina Valentini My friends and family have always gotten giddy when I’ve told them about a new love interest. They
By: Andrea Bartz In many ways, the end of 2006 was one of the darkest times of my life. I was living with near-strangers
By: Rachel Krause DIY beauty hacks: When they’re good, they’re good, and when they’re bad, they’re really, really bad — and
Priorities, right? This is all of us come the holidays... Hey, no one said it was easy finding the right look for an occasion
By: Olivia Harrison It's been a long and tough year, but it's FINALLY December. We're looking for one last little boost to
By: Connie Wang There’s a reason that boho style has been a fashion trend since way before Coachella became a summer institution
Evi Numen, 33, of Philadelphia, could be considered a little death-obsessed. She’s the curator and founder of
By: Stephanie Dolgoff Of all the things Donald Trump has been called during this election, perhaps “human trigger” (as one
"I slather Crème de la Mer on my entire body before bed. It's the only product I’ve found that actually prevents dry winter
It’s hard to deny that the 1990s had the best junk food. Sadly, gone are the days of Doritos 3D, Squeezits and French Toast