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By Christine Gross-Loh As a young researcher, Carol Dweck was fascinated by how some children faced challenges and failures
By Hayley Glatter The superstitions for conjuring the snow-day cosmos on a blustery winter day are not to be taken lightly
By Sarah Zhang In late November, a flock of migrating snow geese landed in a lake in Butte, Montana. Soon, they began to
By Alia Wong The word “parent” wasn’t used as a verb until a few decades ago. In fact, some experts argue it was only in
By Emily DeRuy The rate of return on a good early-childhood program is about 13 percent, according to a new analysis from
By Emily DeRuy After about a year, give or take, of staring and babbling, babies eventually begin to say their first words
By Ed Yong The tallest animal in the world is surprisingly inconspicuous. I remember stumbling across one for the first time
By Olga Khazan Like most modern “knowledge” workers, I spend my days in an open office. That means I also spend my days amid
By Adrienne LaFrance Parents of newborn babies are an easy target. Being perpetually exhausted and overwhelmed makes a person
By James Hamblin Social jet lag was described by chronobiologists (those who study the brain’s time-keeping mechanisms) at