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An author I work with recently asked me, "What's the big deal with the passive voice?" My first instinct was to answer, "Well, would that question have made as much sense as 'The big deal with the passive voice is about what?'"
If a person is going to make an argument or declaration that includes facts or even just an effort to persuade, then they must at least adhere to the lowest common denominator of a written argument to be taken seriously.
Errant positioning of modifiers can lead to ambiguity or, far worse, an outright distortion of your meaning.
Today, I read the paper in the morning and there are many instances where I wonder if the person has typed it out on his
It's a small detail in a story that's not about gender: today, Times media columnist David Carr referred to Laura and Chris
Our inability to express ourselves with clarity, simplicity and vigor is the death of effective human affairs. The light at the end of the tunnel is that we, if we care enough to speak and write properly, will shine.
Below is the exact same personal letter, punctuated two different ways. After reading them both, you'll agree that proper punctuation can spell the difference between a second date and a restraining order.
Adopting Palin's de-G-ed "speakin'" is an assault on the language, just like perpetrating the lie that she's ready to lead is an assault on the future of the nation.