Investigators have not yet found any evidence proving that students received a racist manifesto via AirDrop this week. The investigation is ongoing.
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The scare around the manifesto is the latest in a string of racist incidents at the school. University officials said Tuesday that campus security would be ramped up.
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Multiple hateful messages including a swastika have been found over the last two weeks on or near campus.
He passed a field sobriety test and is cooperating with authorities.
After a series of historic strikes, could teachers shake up statehouses in the 2018 elections? Mr. Mannion thinks so.
A 30-year-old living with his parents is being evicted after ignoring multiple notices and pleas to leave.
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The university booted the frat and slapped 18 students with disciplinary charges.
What the EPA administrator's many scandals have in common.
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A person in the video swears to always hate black people, Latinos and Jews.
Syracuse University suspended its chapter of Theta Tau after a video of an initiation ceremony showed members spewing racist, sexist and xenophobic terms
“There’s not really a general right to be free from being told to f**k off, particularly in electronic communications,” says one expert.
I've had to recognize that Asian men have privileges Asian women just don’t.
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For the last 30 years, I’ve been running – everywhere. I’ve run up and down Syracuse University campus, through muggy Michigan
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Like most high school seniors, it has been a stressful fall for me.  College admissions pressure, the election and constant
People have a right to boycott institutions even when their boycott is deemed unwise or unjustifiable. But in boycotting for human rights we should think hard about what we are trying to accomplish and how best to achieve those ends. Our choice of targets and tactics must be consistent with our commitment to human rights and academic freedom.