Systems thinking

Since I have presented the Matrix of Social Evolution in much more detail elsewhere, allow me here to stick to its essence
I opted for a slightly safer route down policy and campaigning before ending up at Lankelly Chase. But ever since, I've focused
FOOTNOTES Thanks to Scott Adams for his Wall Street Journal article, which helped prompt this piece. SOLUTION: Commit to
Contrast this with Australia, where huge efforts are now underway to deliver a meaningful reconciliation plan, designed to
At its simplest denominator, a citizen is by principle afforded the right of being included in a group's decisions. But there is a special place for those who serve as policymakers and policy experts. But I offer the point in my book that "sometimes the rules are not made by the public required to follow them."
We are still trying to solve ALL of our problems using the same kind of thinking that created them! Have you heard the expression, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result"? Well, our society is stuck in an "insane" kind of problem-solving loop.
'Think Out of the Box!' implicates that you have ever thought of such a thing like a box existing and to respect it, either
We've been told all of our lives that the first step to making big changes is to set an achievable goal. That part is easy
Now, to really get this, let's just dive in for a second. What I'm about to suggest is not a dogma of any religion. Rather
By taking into account all possible outcomes and consequences, including those unintended or indirect, social impact investments can be insured the greatest impact.