The state attorneys general say the $26.5 billion deal would hurt competition and drive up prices for cellphone service.
Community members joined #DontMuteDC to protest efforts to suppress the music that has played at a famed intersection for decades.
T-Mobile spent $195,000 at Trump’s hotel while lobbying his administration to approve a massive merger.
Two men were shopping at a T-Mobile store when cops received a 911 call falsely claiming the store was being robbed.
U.S. regulators are expected to grill the companies on how they will price their combined wireless offerings.
State and local 911 call centers increasingly are besieged by pranksters and buggy software. Next-generation technology may
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And these unlimited plans that crap out at 22-28GB? We're being played. America does not have the best 4G in the world. We
In stark contrast, Sprint experienced much greater customer losses and lower loyalty. Sprint gained new customers to a similar
Evidence of the Power of Three in the marketplace Most stable shape Earth's location in our solar system Our brains evolved
As we've written, BDS are not 'special' but are the basic wires of the state utility that have been reclassified for business
In a mathematical model, while the costs of special access may be forward-looking, there is has no way of knowing whether
With the Pokémon Go craze sweeping the nation (including me), T-Mobile figured they could win a public relations coup and potentially a few customers with a brilliant gift: unlimited data when using the Pokémon Go app.
T-Mobile offers Sharon Lewis an upgraded phone, but is it telling her the whole story? To find out, read on. Question: I