t. rex

"We tried to do a picture of her pulling the robe off her shoulder but her arms weren’t long enough.”
"We know next to nothing about sex-linked traits in extinct dinosaurs."
The newly discovered species is being called a missing link.
It's been described as the "cheetah" of the dinosaur world, but many paleontologists disagree on whether it even existed.
Rare footprints indicate a pace of just 3 to 5 miles per hour, but the dinosaur that made them wasn't in a hurry.
"Cannibalism seems to be surprisingly common in these guys."
Only one modern-day animal has teeth like the carnivorous dinosaur, scientists say.
As Horner explained in his 2009 book How to Build a Dinosaur: Extinction Doesn't Have to be Forever (and in his TED talk on de-extinction), you can turn on dormant genes to get them to build body parts, including a dino-like tail, snout and even teeth. Because of their availability, chickens work well, so Jack intends to build what he calls a "Chickenosaurus."
While Glastonbury has undoubtedly become more mainstream, it has not lost sight of its origins. Beneath the commercialisation and the hype, its political heart still beats strong.