The former boxing champ's big moment at a televised pro wrestling match hit a snag.
The athletic apparel brand said the offensive shirt wasn't its product and the executive who promoted it on Instagram is "no longer an employee."
The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback appeared to make a statement about not backing down.
The young fan's bait-and-switch move at the Lakers-Clippers game was genius as demonstrators had their say amid NBA tensions with China over free speech.
The Democratic congresswoman made headlines earlier this year when she used the F-bomb to lambaste President Donald Trump.
The island isn't for sale, but the GOP is trying to cash in on Trump's failed idea to buy it.
"Horrific crimes" were committed under the Soviet hammer and sickle, noted Lithuania's ambassador to the U.S.
I'm glad my daughter finally has clothing options that don't involve princesses. But buying "run the world" T-shirts won't end sexism.