The emptiness of past promises stands as a stark warning of the likely emptiness of the promises now to come. We know the trade deal that America needs. If the TPP is not do that, it does not deserve our support: and if it does not deserve our support, that support should not be given.
"I am a bit disappointed that the White House isn’t demanding more, like a highway bill for example, or legislation that
"Of course, we still have more work to do on behalf of our workers, which is why I'll continue to encourage Congress to pass
Obama has aggressively pushed back against his critics, particularly Warren, calling TPP "the most progressive trade deal
Pelosi and a majority of House Democrats oppose fast-track, as well as the massive trade deals that the administration is
The Senate on Tuesday handed President Barack Obama the biggest legislative victory of his second term, with a dramatic vote clearing the way for major trade agreements with Pacific Rim nations and the European Union.
The Huffington Post sits down with Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) and discusses the impact of Fast Track legislation on foreign policy beyond free trade.
Murray, on her way to the Senate floor, told reporters she'd been given assurances by McConnell and Boehner that Congress
Moves seem well underway in the Republican-controlled Senate to fast-track the vote on fast-tracking -- maybe as early as this coming Tuesday. That would be a pity, since the arguments for not passing the proposed trade deal continue to be worthy of long and slow consideration.
Obama and Congressional Republicans have few areas of agreement. Opponents of their shared trade agenda seek to make that list shorter. Anti-trade advocates should question whether they are either blinded by an idealized partisanship that can only lead to paralysis, or captured by special interests at odds with the general welfare.
To make sure it happens, the White House, McConnell and Boehner are sending out assurance after assurance that they will
“I don’t see a path right now for TAA,” Pelosi told reporters when asked whether she thought it would make it through Congress
"We are committed to ensuring both TPA and TAA get votes in the House and Senate and are sent to the President for signature
Days after the House dealt a setback to President Barack Obama’s trade agenda, GOP leadership is considering plowing ahead with stand-alone legislation that would give the president so-called fast-track authority to shepherd trade deals through Congress.
Come October, absent a reauthorization, people currently receiving assistance will continue to do so, but newly laid-off
By Krista Hughes, Richard Cowan and James Oliphant "There's no combination that the administration could really offer to
As frustrated as they may be, proponents of the trade deal conceded they may need Pelosi to get it over the finish line. "It
McCarthy painted Pelosi's decision to defy Obama as part of a larger Democratic push to turn Congress on its head. "We just