After experiencing two natural disasters of its own, Mexico pulled its initial aid offer for Harvey victims in Texas.
"You may want to get a glass of water," I warn my colleagues. It's 10 a.m., and I've dumped a bag of old white bread on the counter to use as the vehicle for testing 10 vinegary hot sauces, each waiting in a bowl marked with just a number.
Texas Pete (747 SHU) Sriracha (2,200 SHU) (Photo via Flickr: vilseskogan) You're a no-nonsense type of person, aren't you
Before I sat down to write about John Currence's new cookbook -- Pickles, Pigs & Whiskey -- I surveyed my brown liquor shelf and found just the right courage: a bottle of Willett Rye with one good pump left in it.
When McIlhenny initially bottled his recipe to give to family and friends, he used discarded cologne bottles. Tabasco's hottest
Note: Our editors found that if you mix the two brands together, it creates an unbeatable combination of deep pepper flavor
Some like it hot … but some also like it mild, medium, insanely spicy, and hell-fire hot. There are literally thousands of
I call this my "Controlled Burn Hot Sauce" because it has a serious kick, but it also has strong pepper flavor, is very complex, and it works well as an ingredient in barbecue sauces or other dishes.
According to the Republican tax logic, a small number of owners is the sole criterion for a "small business." Such businesses
With the exception of oil lapping ashore along Louisiana's marshy wildlife refuge, near-shore fishing waters appear clear as ever. Seafood is still available.
Electricity is still down in much of the state. Rotting corpses of animals are floating in the water. Cholera is on deck. Massive spraying will be necessary to prevent dengue and malaria.