Look at how pharmaceutical companies actually spend their money. Contrary to what they claim, research does not dominate. Rather, more of the money goes toward funding marketing budgets and realizing profits.
Melissa Michaels's DIY centerpieces are as easy as 1, 2, 3.
All 10 of these tiny homes prove that space is relative. Your home is only as tiny as you let it feel. So, apply these space-saving tips and storage tricks when you can. Because you deserve to have a bigger home without actually paying for one.
My friends, remember the name and words of rare courage of a retired Army 3-star General and be prepared to be astonished, if not thunderstruck, with pride and hope.
Anyone who has planned a wedding with a sit-down dinner (or witnessed said planning, or thrown any seated dinner party -- ever) knows what a minefield it can be.
Asheville is a lovely town in North Carolina where hipsters meet farmers, artists meet artisans, street food meets street people, and where adventurous restaurants lure masses of hungry tourists.
Hey, I hate to break it to you, Politifact, but the population of China is not some subjective thing that we negotiate over
There is a tendency in sports to give breaks to the people who are good at their jobs. We should not do this. But it certainly seems to happen. But when it comes to Isiah Thomas, there is simply no evidence that he is actually good at judging talent.
Turn to a drop cloth (or a curtain panel) for last-minute decor. Scalloped details instantly transform an ordinary piece of linen into a simply elegant table cover.
"Yesterday!" we cried. By F. Scott Fitzgerald / Scribner Magazine "Let them go?" I demanded incredulously. "But we can't
This is especially troubling when you consider that last year's Oscars was a banner year, with a Best Supporting Actress
Avoid getting charged for damage you didn’t do. Complete a thorough walkthrough of the home upon arrival and clearly document
Brush up on your etiquette basics to wow fellow diners (and make your mom proud).
My mother was a terrible cook, but she set a beautiful table. Every year at least a week before the Jewish holidays -- which, as she used to say, fell either too early or too late, but were never on time -- she'd get out her most favorite dishes.
As the saying goes: The more you know. Our guesses were between Rio and Sao Paolo, between somewhere and Dubai and someplace
Just as quickly as the Internet can denounce Beyonce and Jay Z's On the Run Tour as an impending flop, Forbes uses some actual
Tongs and serving spoons are about as exotic as our dinnerware service style can get. But it wasn't always so simplistic.