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Ibrahim Hamadtou just registered two of the most impressive losses ever.
Each player will probably tell their grandkids about this rally.
H/T Viral Viral Videos When you stop trying to make fetch happen, your dog might just pick up ping pong instead. Granted
This time of year is often thought of as the dog days of Summer when it comes to the sports calendar, but no one told these
This highlight will probably be shown at the end of the year as one of the best table tennis shots of 2013. For now, take
Although Wetherill went on to lose the match, many who saw the shot tweeted their reactions and the Paralympian responded
Fellow teen Olympian Jordyn Wieber also made unexpected headlines this weekend. In a shocking turn of events, the 17-year
By now, you've likely heard of teen swimming phenom Missy Franklin and the all-teen women's gymnastics team. While swimming
Who doesn't enjoy a lively game of ping pong? But to splurge on a custom made concrete table like this one, you'd have to
The table tennis club was built by Indian immigrants who made their fortunes in Silicon Valley. Its coaches were imported
Dorothy Delow certainly hasn't let age slow her down, venturing to Mongolia at age 97 to compete internationally in the World
You might think you're pretty good at table tennis, but that's just because you haven't met baby Jamie yet. He's been training
Desperation dives. Amazing no-look shots. Absurd behind-the-back winners. 2011 certainly provided us with some unbelievable