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Ibrahim Hamadtou just registered two of the most impressive losses ever.
Each player will probably tell their grandkids about this rally.
H/T Viral Viral Videos Granted, the dog isn't likely to win any ping pong competitions, owing at least a little bit to his
And the progress he made is pretty unbelievable.
This time of year is often thought of as the dog days of Summer when it comes to the sports calendar, but no one told these
If you're the competitive type when it comes to ping pong, then this feline is one opponent you don't want to take on. However
"We always perform our stunts with the maximum safety, but of course, it happens that people get injured. But the fear keeps
According to the Daily Mail, this is 20-year-old French table tennis star Quentin Robinot playing Kiryl Barabanov of Belarus
Although Wetherill went on to lose the match, many who saw the shot tweeted their reactions and the Paralympian responded