The couple released the perfect video response to the rumor.
As you search for a movie to watch this weekend, consider abandoning the fictional for some real-life drama. Here are 12
Jerry Springer joins Alyona to talk about why some politicians actually have an agenda to keep some Americans from voting.
This two-year-old documentary, made by the venerated filmmaker Errol Morris, is riveting...even for those who were not yet
The man convicted for the crime that inspired the most famous headline in the history of tabloid journalism recently sought parole nearly 29 years after it happened, which put that headline right back in the headlines.
Documentary film is one of the most undervalued of all art forms. But thanks I guess partly to "reality TV" people seem to have rediscovered it in the mainstream.
Do you really welcome and enjoy the emotional, metaphorical or actual wounding and bleeding of a fellow human as tabloids claim you do?
Like politics, the entertainment industry is filled with monstrous egos awash in a sea of dysfunctional behavior.
There are plenty of things that make Tabloid newsworthy -- sex, Mormons, kidnapping, cloning -- but it was by total chance that Errol Morris' documentary opened in theaters just as the tabloid-worthy "British hacking scandal" was descending.
Tabloid tells the story of Joyce McKinney, a former beauty queen whose obsession with a man named Kirk Anderson led her to fly to England to bring him back. What happened after that depends on whether you believe Joyce or the British tabloids.
"Sometimes you tell a lie long enough and you start to believe it," says Joyce McKinney in the first part of the documentary she is the subject of which opens this week on July 14th.
Ultimately, Morris said, "Tabloid" isn't just about McKinney's sordid story -- or the way the British tabloids ran with it
The one question I return to: from the center of our vast population, can we human beings reach out to the thing that created us?
In "Celebrity Chekhov," out Tuesday from Harper Perennial, Ben Greenman, an editor at The New Yorker, has adapted the Russian
My last full day at the Toronto International Film Festival was a day of hits and misses.
E: I just finished a movie with Andrea Roth, Nicolas Brendon and Bruce Davison called "The Holiday House". I've got a TV
Sad to say, but the death of Travolta's son is nothing but good news for the financial success of his latest picture.
As most of you know by now, Natasha Richardson died yesterday after a skiing accident. Obvious sympathies go out to husband
CNN has this story up on their front page, a Santa Monica cold case involving a young would-be actress found murdered in
No matter how you receive your daily dose of everyday information, intelligent or dubious, if it's in print form, it's your responsibility to make certain it doesn't wind up in a landfill.