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Ben Arnon (BA): Are you scared when you're in the middle of an intense scene making photographs? What is going through your
CAIRO -- I had a dream like any other Egyptian. I lived through the unforgettable moment when Mubarak was obliged to cede the throne. I was waiting for a new Egypt, for a different future to come. Now, we are living through the worst moments Egypt has ever lived. Yet even in this complex reality, we still have hope.
By Lin Noueihed Hundreds of Islamists have been killed and thousands have been arrested in the past year, many of them sentenced
Tahrir’s new memorial isn’t the first controversial monument to be built recently. Rabaa al-Adawiya Mosque, the site of the
Tahrir Square Erupts With Fireworks As Military Coup Ousts Morsy In Egypt
On Wednesday, the Human Rights Watch said that Egyptian anti-sexual harassment groups confirmed that at least 91 attacks
The violence in and around Cairo's Tahrir Square between military police and an increasingly belligerent core of protestors, has been particularly ugly. U.S. policy makers must use their leverage and speak out.
It is clear that Egyptians recognize the honor their accomplishment of January has earned them worldwide. They also recognize the responsibility.
Whether it is in Cairo's Tahrir Square or elsewhere, Egypt's protestors are asking the Supreme Council to complete the ongoing political transition more quickly. They will not settle for half a revolution. Neither should anyone else.
"What we can say beyond doubt is that it's definitely excessive use of tear gas and that's probably behind a lot of the problems