tai beauchamp

The GG podcast tackles everything from self sabotage, overcoming failures, self doubt to financial fitness. And yes these two happily married women even discuss the path to Mr. Right -- the real path -- not the fairy tale you never let go from age 6.
Istanbul is a magnet for the cool, the artsy and the fabulous. I guess that's why it's no coincidence that Istanbul played
Although NOLA welcomed me with its magical embrace, I found myself asking, "How did I get here?" a question that seems most easy to ask when our lives are brimming with good fortune. Serendipitously, I had the pleasure of interviewing two powerful women.
Growing up her mother's only child in New Jersey, style expert and The View regular Tai Beauchamp knew, one day, she wanted
She went on to say, "last night was a celebration of the women and children of Masaai Mara, there dreams, their possibilities