Taika Waititi

“Taika, get out of my shot,” Ora said during the goofy stunt.
The Oscar-winning actor said she can't watch "Thor: Love & Thunder" without thinking of a certain retail outlet.
“I had never talked to Peter Jackson about this. I don’t know if he knows," the “Thor: Love And Thunder” writer-director revealed.
HBO Max announced it renewed the romantic pirate comedy starring Taika Waititi and Rhys Darby.
The "Jojo Rabbit" director isn’t new to the “Star Wars” universe. Previously, he directed the season finale episode of “The Mandalorian.”
"If Tessa wanted to do that, I’m in," the "Thor: Love and Thunder" director said.
The 12-year-old "Jojo Rabbit" actor loves "Uncut Gems" and went vegetarian because of "Okja." A star is born!
"Thank you, kia ora," the "Jojo Rabbit" director said, dedicating his award to Indigenous children around the world.
The actor says he feels "energized" by the possibility of more Thor adventures.