The vote goes against a May 2017 Constitutional Court ruling.
An estimated 130,000 people took part in Saturday's parade, pledging support for same-sex marriage ahead of a Nov. 24 referendum.
The quake struck about 14 miles northeast of the city of Hualien shortly before midnight.
A sea of rainbow flags and glitzy costumes filled downtown Taipei as tens of thousands marched in Asia’s largest gay pride
 Sun Moon Lake The largest lake in Taiwan is surrounded by beautiful mountains, temples and shrines. You’ll want to drive
Taiwan's Defence Ministry said it had not detected irregular movements by China's military after the accident.
First time I left Bosnia it was nineteen-ninety nine. I was heading for college in America. If a young person was to read
Taipei, Taiwan is a city better known for bustling streets than green space; but not on the week-ends. Located in what serves as a car park during the week, the Jianguo Week-end Flower Market is a welcome oasis in the city center.
As any small-town aficionado will tell you, there are plenty of advantages to living away from the big city, and you don't have to completely abandon your urban lifestyle.
When a 12-year old boy armed with soda meets an expensive painting, guess who wins? It's not the painting, the displaying museum, or the insurance company, that's for sure.
Each year tens of millions of people visit museums around the world and come within close proximity to hundreds of thousands of valuable works of art. Occasionally, miscreants and the mentally disturbed vandalize art work.
Travel in any form is a special kind of adventure, but there is extra beauty in traveling by yourself. You alone choose how you want to fill every minute of your days and nights: what to do, what to eat, where to go, and how to get there.
It is the strongest typhoon to threaten the island in two years.