taj mahal

Police plan to use slingshots during the president's upcoming visit to ward off hundreds of aggressive monkeys living near the centuries-old mausoleum.
He reportedly fell 40 feet at Palouse Falls State Park before the river swept his body away.
Don’t wait on anyone else ― just book the trip.
To get the most out of a trip to these cities, start with these ideas: Taj Mahal: the iconic image of India. 6. Visit Qutub
Great Barrier Reef, Australia Stretching some 1,200 miles along Australia's Queensland coast, this bio-diverse natural wonder
An angle of the Taj Mahal that’s often over-looked. Some tour guides will offer to let you wear a saree for a photo, but
The Alhambra is Granada's most famous work of Islamic architecture and most visited tourist attraction. The medieval palace
Over the past few weeks, though, Agra's iconic building has hosted some less welcome visitors: swarms of Chironomus calligraphus
Jaipur The next day we were on our way for another 5 hours to our last triangle stop and destination: Jaipur (located in