take a vacation

You know that trip you've always wanted to take? That experience you've always wanted to have? That place you've always wanted to go? What are you waiting for? Go there!
Stop being afraid of taking time off. Science says vacations will make you a better worker.
If you say you're off the grid for vacation, you act that way. Because as soon as you respond to one work email, you change the game -- and the expectations. In fact, what you're doing is telling people not to believe what you say, because you do something different.
We had left California and wound up in the state of Relaxation, a place that we hadn't visited in a very long time, like maybe never.
The workaholic in all of us thrives on activity. We need it. We need to keep busy; we need a project. Vacations at first glance seem project-less, a void of time and space.
The genius of offering unlimited paid vacation is giving responsibility for renewal and self care back to individuals.