Chipotle is known for their local produce, GMO-free menu, ethically-sourced protein--and crazy-delicious Mexican fare. And while their "build your own" concept can make it easy to end up with a burrito that clocks in at over 1,000-calories (or worse!), you can use it to your nutritional advantage.
Nobody likes you anymore, cucumber salad.
Seamless, the online delivery ordering service, just released some numbers on how Americans eat late at night, and there are some surprising little factoids in there.
The plates reminded me of dinners in our old house, and looking around the living room, I could imagine my father (who had passed away 27 years ago this month) sitting on the sofa. Each clang of the grandfather clock reminded me of being a little girl.
By Kate Ashford You know a little something about how to order healthy at Asian restaurants. Brown rice trumps white, summer
Eating outside of your home generally requires three things: food, food containers, and food utensils. With increased awareness
People have been impressing their dates with chopstick dexterity since the Shang Dynasty. But the throw-away version of chopsticks is a less romantic yet marvelous invention.
"What's for dinner?" A lot of us ask that question right before popping our head in the fridge to see what the options are
Home-cooking may be on its way to becoming an oxymoron. It may only be Baby Boomers like me who still feel a smidge of guilt at not doing it all ourselves.