Take Your Child To Work Day

Employees at Unilever shared some heart-warming moments with their kids on Take Your Child To Work Day.
Working from home while parenting presents a massive set of challenges, rewards and obstacles. Yes. Am I thankful to observe the daily growth of my daughter? Yes. Am I perplexed as to how I can be a professional role model to my daughter when she interprets my 'computer time' as play - Absolutely.
Obama, who celebrated her birthday in January, asked Brodie to repeat what she said into the microphone. "You're too young
As part of the White House's annual Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, First Lady Michelle Obama met with and fielded questions from children of Executive Office employees and and local young people from the Boys and Girls Club and D.C. Child and Family Services.
This week, lots of companies will host "Take Your Child To Work" days in their offices. Interestingly, many of these same companies allow dogs in their offices every day of the year, but feel the need to have one special day dedicated to bringing one's offspring to work.
As we empower our kids to learn about the many career choices they have, let's also teach them that perfect balance is an unrealistic expectation. It's not about balance, but rather work/life satisfaction.
"Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day" is a special holiday. But there are some kids we would NOT want in our office under
You may not find your dream job when you go to work this week, but you'll have a lot of fun looking for it in your parent's desk drawer (maybe not the best idea). But if you follow Steve Jobs' advice, someday, you'll look back and be able to connect this dot to your dream job.
"I'm here to see where my daughter works. I know that she works on the legal team," she added. "If she did anything else
In this age of electronic banking, we are increasingly removed from the physical handling of cash. Our children watch as we pay for groceries, gasoline, restaurant tabs and even parking meters with our "magic" cards. Our children need to see, firsthand, where those funds come from.