taking a break

While I'm a born hiker, I've never walked on my own. While some of my friends and family were concerned, I just knew I would
Yes, it's possible to get back together after taking a break -- but first you need to establish ground rules.
Most of us are aware that taking breaks from physical activity is necessary to recuperate and prevent injuries. Taking breaks in our mental work is equally helpful, and can be a great boost to our productivity as well.
Many of us are used to just breaking away in the summer once we have put in a solid six months of hard of work. I wanted to break that habit. So putting fear aside, I left for an amazing adventure in Peru's Sacred Valley.
When one task gets crossed off of the list, three more show up. It is all part of growing your business, dreaming bigger and getting things done. We need to understand that there will never be a final line that we will cross before we are done and can take a break.
In short bursts all of this is tolerable and maybe even desirable to get the adrenaline flowing. But as a steady diet the stress can become detrimental -- not only to the business owner but to the business, as well.
I don't know how else to explain the experience besides saying we put a pause on real life and took a break. We let ourselves immerse in nothing but fun and joy and forgot about everything else temporarily.
It can be overwhelming, especially if you're new to the world of entrepreneurship, but even on those busiest crazy days, it's possible to clear your head and set yourself up for higher productivity.
Fashion icon Vera Wang may be a businesswoman, but she is a creative designer by nature. And she understands that it's difficult
There has been so much pain for rabbis in the past few months, and I have to wonder if this pressure, fatigue, and pain is getting to everyone. Perhaps we need to learn better self-care.
The world is OK if we take a few hours to ourselves to relax and revive a little. I start the weekend relaxed, organized and in a splendid mood. Do you need any more reasons?
2. Stepping aside and finding yourself can be vital, especially after years of coexisting in a committed, long-term relationship.
You're filling the role of mother, nurse, chef, teacher, maid, handyman and personal shopper -- all day, every day. It makes perfect sense that you're tired and grumpy and maybe a little frazzled.
The body knows way before we do when it needs a break. And we as a culture need to start listening. We need to encourage "no-excuse" breaks, mental health days and most of all, saying "no."
But does taking time apart from each other ever work out for the best? We were curious to know what our readers thought, so
Whenever my life becomes a clogged up pipe, my dad often tells me to do absolutely nothing. Yes, nothing. Though I become befuddled by his suggestion, I always give it a try anyway.
Declaring to myself that I would keep no calendar, unplug from my laptop and all obligations, I set forth to discover what the morning would bring and follow the call of my heart.