Tal Ben-Shahar

Tal Ben-Shahar, author of Happier, acknowledges that single-handedly we may not be able to change the economy or the world
Cultivating kindness and compassion is a lifelong practice. It can be challenging in the best of times, much less in these
When I am dying, I want to reflect on a full, rich life of love, service, fun, and courage. One that was as happy as possible. I want to say, "I'm satisfied," not "I wish." So bring on the funerals, and even the deviled eggs.
When it comes to creating the changes you really want to make in your work or in you life, do ever find you have difficulty making this last?
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can't say I ever gave much thought to happiness. I come from a family where happiness was seen as an "extra," a kind of frill to life -- nice to have, but certainly not necessary and by no means paramount. Work was king. Suffering meant you were working hard. It made you worthy.
Paradoxically strong self-esteem also enables us stay open to hearing others' differing views, I believe. This path towards a positive and resilient outlook begins with giving oneself the permission to feel.
Psychology lecturer and best-selling author Tal Ben-Shahar has made a career of teaching happiness at Harvard University
Tal Ben-Shahar joins HuffPost Live to discuss the "stress pandemic."
Tejer y destejer, reir y llorar, vivir y morir, contemplar y actuar, Eros y Tánatos: no hay dos interruptores, no existe la opción del paraíso sin la del infierno. Es en la riqueza de la mezcla en que se puede vivir profundamente.