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She lost her right arm in a car wreck and skillfully used a prosthetic for an impressive solo.
The National Park Service says a student group sought permission to use the mall first.
Nope. We came in third. Stupid, lousy third. The second place contestant was a cheesy magician who made a rather tasteless
Watch him dance to Destiny's Child, Britney Spears, N'SYNC and more!
Here are five things I've realized about success from watching hours and hours of singing auditions.
Elementary schools around the country are pulling back on music education, but luckily there are still some amazing teachers and volunteers out there who know how important music is.
Meet your new favorite hip dance crew -- whose day jobs might include professions like accounting. In an ad for Sainsbury's
Shane Mokua, only 11 years old, gave an incredible performance at Minnesota State Fair's recent amateur talent contest. Mokua's
But one student seemed to be more than psyched to show off his amazing skills at a local talent show. And, boy, was his performance
At the Tampa, Fla. auditions the young dancers -- who ranged in age from 8 to 13 years old -- staged a sensational performance
After Howard Stern described his audition as "a disaster," Grossman told him he didn't appreciate the rudeness. "I would
The judges winced and shrieked as Kinison inserted metal hooks into his lower eyelids, attached chains to them and then lifted