talia joy

Talia Joy Castellano, the charming teen that inspired thousands with her YouTube make-up tutorials, died at 13 of cancer.
When news of Talia Joy Castellano’s death was posted on her Facebook page on Tuesday, the 13-year-old’s fans mourned by tweeting
When you're sick, you look for motivation to keep going and fight on anywhere you can find it. I "liked" so many Facebook pages, wrote emails, and read about the progress of other kids who had to go through what I did. And no story inspired me more than that of Talia Castellano.
On Tuesday, Ellen and Talia’s fans took to Twitter to mourn the teen’s death. "In a hundred years, I would like to be remembered
But as Talia says in her August 2 video, entitled "Vlog-Bad News...", "This [Youtube] channel is not strictly a beauty channel