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The radio host cryptically tweeted Tuesday that "The breakfast club as you know it is officially over" before revealing she was leaving to start her own show.
One told the extremist lawmaker that she's an "embarrassment to the state of Georgia."
The conservative commentator will start broadcasting a syndicated radio show in May that will air in Limbaugh's old time slot.
Christian conservative radio hosts have created an alternative reality where listeners hear only what they want.
The conservative radio host says he'll miss some episodes while he receives treatment.
Craig Silverman said he was bashing Trump and his conservative colleagues' coverage of the impeachment hearings when he was told: "You’re done.”
The shock jock still commands a huge audience, but he's not standing out in the era of Donald Trump.
They’ve been doing this for some two decades and they’re -- maybe -- rethinking it now.
The Patriots quarterback addressed the situation at a Super Bowl press conference.
As self-driving cars begin to grow in production and popularity, will they leave behind the radio industry?