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"The Break With Michelle Wolf" was nixed along with "The Joel McHale Show."
People of color get a few tries and if they fail, whether the reasons are inside or out of their control, they and EVERY person of color must suffer. Every person of color is shut out of an opportunity because a few pioneers couldn't wade in a white industry designed for the success of white applicants.
A lot of authors do not know how to deliver the goods in an interview and are missing this opportunity to introduce their book to countless prospective readers. Here's what to do and not do in a media interview.
All of these feelings of isolation led to addiction. There comes a time when things pile up on you. If you could re-set your
... Q: What do you like and dislike about the Libertarian philosophy? A: I could spend hours discussing this question - and
In the history of stand-up comedy, has anyone who started with "fat chicks are only sexy if you're drunk" jokes ever evolved into something more?
Being on Oprah was like entering Fort Knox yet with a slight twist of being questioned by the FBI. Oprah herself was lovely, brilliant and much shorter than I expected. She was very pleasant and engaging although the interaction was brief.
You're as sick of hearing about Brian Williams as I am. However, I think I've found some solutions. Some of them are so simple, I'd be surprised if they weren't in the works already.
In honor of the fourth season of A Spoonful of Paolo and to celebrate the tremendous work Paolo and Patrick have poured into this series, I am pleased to countdown my 10 all-time favorite episodes of A Spoonful of Paolo, including the one-word that Paolo and Patrick have each shared to describe the chosen episodes.
This week, I got the chance to have a laugh out loud conversation with three hosts of one of daytime's hottest shows, The Talk. Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood seem to be having just as much fun together on camera as well as off.
Tavis Smiley has what could be deemed the perfect talkshow host name — upbeat and amiable — but growing up, he was often
2014-04-15-20140415ExtraLapRecap609DarienneElephantJohnPollysmall.jpgCher's family, Paula Abdul and a bunch of jungle creatures invaded RuPaul's Drag Race this week. Let's discuss the shenanigans, chickens!
A couple of weeks ago, Jon Stewart set the social media world on fire when he created #McConnelling, where you take a recent
Airplane-swallowing black holes? A new Bermuda Triangle in the Indian Ocean? Similarities to the TV show "Lost"? Seems like
These days, half the fun of late night talk shows is following the drama surrounding them. Who's going to get what time slot
Jimmy Fallon just took over the "Tonight Show" and "Late Night With Seth Meyers" is about to launch, but forget them. Jared
Frankel had a lot of fun with the show, like when she turned herself into a cocktail, Dita Von Teese-style ... Her eponymous
Jimmy Kimmel David Letterman Since talk-show hosts are on the air frequently, it's tougher to tell how much they've changed
Steve Harvey Bill Murray His appearance tonight is bound to remind viewers how far the modern late night talk show has come