Here are 3 health goals that you can do, and none of them involve losing weight.
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SM: Having a talk about money is important, whether you are close to your family or not. Even if it feels awkward or emotional
Death was all around me. The first time was when I was seven years old and the phone rang at 2 a.m. disrupting our family’s
On the porch of my childhood home, a plaque hung on the exposed beams, just about where your eyes would naturally rest when you were gazing up in thought. The plaque contained a quote, attributed to Abraham Lincoln: 'Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt.'
The deep brown shade that glazed the wood was almost heavier than the door. It melted the light that snuck in via the stained glass of glittering gold and grassy green into hues and shadows that crashed by the waves of my shivering feet.
I know that, even though I've never seen it because Darkness is heavy - full of everything you can't know. There is a darkness
"We are getting rewired to interact with aliens."
The strange, gorgeous creature I pushed out of me two years ago has pulled me out of my comfort zone ever since, like yarn unspooling, drawing me out, or perhaps back to a place where I lived as a child -- in the present, in this moment, where I hear birds singing and I taste the warm rain.