talking animals

Sure, I'm down for whatever. Maybe a little honky-tonk, if that's an option. Waddle you be doing with your free time, then
Good dog. H/T Tastefully Offensive "Help!" the pug seems to shout. While most dogs would be delighted by the possibility
Gesundheit! Comedy writers Dan Opsal and John Haskell, of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," deserve all the smiley
When a treat is involved, this dog will do anything -- even become a temporary physicist, chemist and world-class trivia
If you don't want to know what this video is about, don't read the headline. If you don't want to know the end of a movie
And then go like Teddy Bear on his Facebook page. Teddy is an 'animal ambassador' with Dallas-based wildlife education company
Teddy Bear the talking porcupine is back with another video to tell us about munchin' on a pumpkin! We aren't quite sure
Australians learned a very important lesson in 1995 from the kids' movie, "Napoleon": "Never expect gratitude from a cold
These Siberian huskies are having a heated debate through the cat door. Perhaps they are debating the pros and cons of reading
(h/t Design Taxi) "I usually work much faster but Lego is an entirely new medium for me to animate with and I enjoyed every