talking animals

Oh, not much. Just flew in for a conference. Don't have much of a schedule right now, so you could say I'm winging it. Waddle
"Help!" the pug seems to shout. Good dog. H/T Tastefully Offensive And who can blame him? A screen is not the same as a toy
Gesundheit! Comedy writers Dan Opsal and John Haskell, of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," deserve all the smiley
When a treat is involved, this dog will do anything -- even become a temporary physicist, chemist and world-class trivia
If you don't want to know what this video is about, don't read the headline. If you don't want to know the end of a movie
But the corn cobs he got for Christmas literally had him shouting with joy. Watch for his special call out to Santa. Teddy
Teddy Bear the talking porcupine is back with another video to tell us about munchin' on a pumpkin! We aren't quite sure
Australians learned a very important lesson in 1995 from the kids' movie, "Napoleon": "Never expect gratitude from a cold
These Siberian huskies are having a heated debate through the cat door. Perhaps they are debating the pros and cons of reading
What do you think of Jung's Lego Jackson? Let us know in the comments section. For more Lego-centric art projects, check
In this oldie but goodie, this macaw has a lot to say, and will not tolerate anyone -- or any bird -- stealing the show. Shhhh
An original mashup of the best talking dogs in TV and movies.
We can all take a lesson from this French Bulldog. If you want something, you just have to ask for it, preferably by saying
You know, Ruby, if you're going to be this talkative you might want to develop a more positive attitude. People don't like
In the early 1930s, sightseers, journalists, spiritualists, and psychic investigators beat a path to a lonely farmhouse outside
Most dogs express their affection by wagging their tails and licking your hands and face. But Mishka, the Siberian husky
If you have a pet you're used to talking to it, saying hi, asking if it wants a belly rub and so forth. But what if it answered
From Achilles' horse to Lassie, animals provide moral authority and sympathy in fiction, often giving voice to the silenced