talking heads

Dear Wolf Blitzer: Do you ever watch your own show on CNN?
Worrell died at his home Friday in Everson, Washington.
For this man with clear musical talent and a unique artistic vision, select listeners might wonder what's holding him back from farther-reaching, mainstream success, and pin it on his quirky choices.
When listening to several of the tracks, I definitely had flashbacks of listening to the OTEV songs from "Big Brother" or perhaps to Rockapella singing on "Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?" that give clues to solve a puzzle. #cannotbeunheard
It's been several years since Patti Smith's publication of "Just Kids," the musician's celebrated memoir that this year is being adapted for a limited series on Showtime
Talking Heads is on the jukebox. All the hits. Around closing time, the bug man comes in, his poisons in hand. He crawls under the bar like an explorer venturing into the darkness of the insect world. Nothing there.
A Conversation with Finch's Nate Barcalow Mike Ragogna: Back To Oblivion is the title to your new album. It's been nine years
See some evil. Hear some evil. FEEL again. I remember the retirees I met in the parking lot who shared the story of the birth