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Leaked chats revealed that the governor's 2018 field director, Bennett Bressman, is extremely racist.
We would all be better off in the long run if Senator Sanders would categorically reject these bullying tactics. If he doesn't, he will be the thief. He will have stolen unity from the Democratic Party and he will have robbed himself of respect and admiration. It's all up to him.
There is no doubt about the public mood. So why didn't the public vote when there was so much journalistic enthusiasm for the election; when an amazing amount of television time, especially on cable, was given to politics; and when radio goes at politics 24-7?
"I think you are going to have an attempt by both campaigns to try to do these manufactured controversies," Todd said, "to
Perhaps Mitt Romney's fumble in South Carolina was not entirely unpredictable. But why, if Romney was not to prevail, was it Newt Gingrich -- and not Rick Santorum -- who benefited?
Moss hopes that political junkies nationwide will bookmark the new politics channel, heading there to find reporting and
Ultimately, Sullivan said, Beck is "a clown," but a genuine one. O'Reilly, though, did not get off so gently. Sullivan called
And we know that we aren't only feeding people. We come at this from a moral position, a nutritional position, and an economic
The bright side is that fewer people are projected to die of coal-related illnesses this year compared to last year. It's
As citizens of the nation continue through the summer, distracting themselves by howling at the moon and one another, I spent this past weekend in Manhattan seeing revivals of two classic period pieces of American theater.
The lecture featured right-wing historian David Barton, and focused on the idea that, as Beck said in his introduction, the
Beyond all of the indulgence of VIP lists, select tables, black tie and gown, meet and greet stuff at this gathering is that there were real moments of serious policy and political discussion that were not trivial.
Catherine Epstein of the Women's Media Center thinks it's significant that we celebrate the date a U.S. government agency
Is Koch Industries the largest funder of climate science denying organizations in the world and whether that's true or not, what's Koch Industries' position on climate change?
This post features links to the best independent, progressive reporting about health care by members of The Media Consortium
In a September email obtained by Talking Points Memo, Williams angrily responded to what he calls a "false allegation" by
On the bright side, the Democrats still have a sizable majority in the Senate, with or without Bayh. Republicans would have
I think we can all agree that the business of pool report writing was just too super-serious to take chances!
According to Politico, a "debate" has been "sparked" over the new White House pool rotation. This debate is raging, I'm sure, among the handful of people who are deeply invested in White House pool reporting.