It’s not always easy being the tallest person in your group of friends or constantly having to hover above your date. Actress Alysia Reiner sheds light on the highs and lows that come with being tall.
Thank you Mattel for turning a page and adding a new chapter in your long successful history to compassionately consider more of your little customer's developing sense of self and how they feel they fit in the world around them.
Let's start with the top 20: 20. Doing pushups, lunges, benching and squatting are way harder for you. It's just SO FAR DOWN
What is it about this small, traditionally seafaring nation that breeds such extraordinarily tall people? Contrary to popular belief, it's not to keep their heads above water.
Did you have a growth spurt in middle school that no one ever caught up to? Are you about a foot taller than all of your
The results were unexpected, the researchers said. Previous studies have found that children conceived using in vitro fertilization
You'll feel dizzy just looking at these pictures.
In high school, I swore I would never date someone who was shorter than me. I was 5'10"-and-a-half, felt 6'2", and believed only a man of Shaquille O'Neal's stature could make me feel dainty, feminine and non-Amazonian.
Damn you, tall people. They block your view at the movie theater. They're a pain to shop for: Who really wants to drag themselves
As a tall girl growing up, I often felt much...bigger. And for some bizarre, warped reason, I always identified with Bea.