Tallahassee, Florida

The suspect, identified by police as 41-year-old Antwann Demetris Brown, has been taken into custody.
Police found that Scott Beierle murdered two women and wounded five other people due to his general "hatred towards women."
Scott Beierle, 40, ranted about the "collective treachery" of women on his YouTube page.
Scott Paul Beierle shot six people, killing two, in Tallahassee, Florida before turning the gun on himself.
Florida officials said the shooter killed himself after fatally shooting one person and critically wounding four others.
The president also called the Florida gubernatorial candidate the "Mayor of poorly run Tallahassee."
The GOP nominee continues a campaign based on attacking the Tallahassee mayor.
Lawmakers killed efforts to make the native scrub jay the state bird – simply because the state's top NRA lobbyist hated the creature.
“Every day is emergency operations for us,” said one shelter official, whose facility is at nearly double capacity.
The church leader fled naked after the woman's husband caught them in the act.
It's clear that ending veteran homelessness is possible with ideas and outlooks like this and the hope is that mayors all over the country will take heed and join in some good old fashioned mayoral competition lest they would be outrun by their neighbors.
In its lawsuit against interim Education Commissioner Pam Stewart, Infinity claims the delay in awarding the contract reduced
High school basketball player Landus Anderson is rising in the ranks as one of the top players in the state of Florida despite
Activists in Florida will head to Tallahassee on Wednesday, April 21 to convince Florida legislators to stop a bill for non-judicial foreclosures.
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