Building on the first half of the 10th annual Lennart Meri Conference, the latter half of the conference became increasingly
Meri, who was president of his country from 1992-2001, was widely admired for his erudition and fluency in several languages. He wrote books and made films on ethnic and historical subjects, creative endeavors unusual for a political leader save for that other artist-turned-statesman, Vaclav Havel.
The world is a different place from the one we envisioned ten years ago when LMC was first launched: international treaties
Sweet Root's menu is based on Lithuanian cuisine that changes based on the seasons and the ingredients available locally
It also does not conclude where to draw the line in terms of when a hacker becomes fair game. "The law is unclear as to the
Because the march of progress is as unstoppable as the best pride parades, attitudes toward homosexuality are changing around
There's no place more traditional to spend Christmastime than in Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus and the center of nativity scenes worldwide.
In The NewsTravelAgentCentral.com reported that the Fred. Olsen Balmoral was target by pirates in 2009, but the attack was
This video and photo slideshow highlights some charming parts of Tallinn, Estonia, during a Norwegian Sun shore excursion
I spoke to Josh Silverman, former CEO of Skype, recently - via Skype - and asked him what Skype was doing to better our world
I see me and my little carry on suitcase on the dock, tearfully waving goodbye to the luxury cruise ship that's just brought me and now, quite unceremoniously, dumped me in Tallinn.
Sure, the girls make too much noise, and maybe they do drive down the property value. But if the prostitutes were driven out, they might be replaced with worse. Like a family with teenagers.