tamir rice shooting

Donald Trump's message of safety leaves out people in the 12-year-old's community.
My prayers today are with all of those we know of (and those that we don't) who have had their lives irreparably altered by gun violence. My prayers are with our president, our congress, and all those who serve in law enforcement.
While I am no legal expert on the details of the court decision yesterday or whether the charges against him and each of the other officers were carefully made or effectively prosecuted, nor a spiritual expert on the officers' motives, nor an administrative expert on Baltimore police training, one fact continues to remain clear: No one has yet to be held accountable for the death of Freddie Gray who was alive and well before being detained and put into that police wagon. That same fact still applies to almost ALL of the young African-American men and women who have been shot or choked or beaten to death by police or who have died in police custody --despite all the publicity about these police crimes. And that is why there is so little trust in communities of color for the police that are supposed to serve them and keep them safe.
The family called the incident "deeply disturbing."
Members say they want to see and analyze everything that grand jurors heard in the case.
"We mourn for Tamir, and for all of the black people who have been killed by the police without justice.”
Want a ringside seat for the war on crime? Go to killedbypolice.net. A few hours ago (as I write this), the site had listed 1,191 police killings in the U.S. this year. I just looked again. The total is up one.
After realizing he confused the slain boy's case with another, the presidential hopeful said that "the process worked."
We are at a crisis in our country whenever a trained adult with authorization to use deadly force deploys it on a 12 year old with impunity. Wherever the fault lies, the only way any hope in the police force or the governing process can be restored is for wholesale condemnation of the officer's actions.
McGinty and his grand jury have blood on their hands. And while the U.S. masquerades as an exceptionalist beacon of democracy, the community is calling for Attorney General Loretta Lynch to investigate the grand jury process and immediately fire Timothy Loehmann, the officer who murdered Tamir.
The innocent killing of black men, women and children has become the norm for us. We march and we hashtag and argue on social media with the very people who fetishize our grief. I'm always told that I'm too vocal on social media about these things.
Zoe Salzman told HuffPost Live that the prosecutor "mishandled and abused the grand jury process."
Tamir Rice was not on trial, but he might as well have been.