Judge Catherine Catlin told Donald Santini, “You being on the run for almost 40 years is a consciousness of guilt. You knew you were running from something.”
Gunfire erupted as people celebrated Independence Day in Tampa, causing a stray bullet to strike the boy in the head.
“Don't go out there,” officials warned, saying the water was likely to rush back in at higher levels.
The hurricane has already wreaked havoc in Cuba, and is set to strengthen before it makes landfall on Florida’s west coast.
Super Bowl 55 could become the next super spreader event after maskless Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans took to the streets to celebrate their team’s win.
President Donald Trump’s rally in Tampa, Florida, sent some heat-stricken fans to the hospital.
Thousands of moderators have helped keep the social platform clear of upsetting content -- at the expense of their own mental health.
The new Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback may be in hot water with the NFL on another matter.