Tampa Bay Lightning

The Lightning beat the Montreal Canadiens 1-0 on Wednesday night to end the final in five games.
Former Buccaneers coach Tony Dungy challenged them to chip in with his own contribution.
Florida Sen. Bill Nelson bargained up to doing 46 push-ups to get out of going to Tampa to buy Cuban sandwiches to settle his bet with Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin.
Who's going to be hotter -- the Tampa Bay Lightning or the Chicago Blackhawks? Streakiness is one of the concepts -- like clutchness, choking, and luck -- that we often use to make sense of a multi-game series like the Stanley Cup Finals.
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Watch the video above and you be the judge. The call didn't end up costing the Lightning the game. Tampa Bay went on to win
Vinik earned enormous fees. He purchased the ultimate big boy toy, a professional hockey team, the Tampa Bay Lightning. He also is a minority investor in the Boston Red Sox. Clearly, Vinik was back on his game. Or was he?
The mascot for the Tampa Bay Lightning is named ThunderBug. Among his hobbies listed on the Lightning's website are "Playing
Scroll down to watch the highlight. In the middle of the third period with Boston clinging to a 2-1 lead, Tampa Bay's Eric
The third goal resulted from a giveaway from Bruins defenseman Tomas Kaberle. He had the puck behind his own net then skated
While the games themselves have remained exciting, Round 2 has not been as closely contested as the opening round of the playoffs. Here are some insights and observations from each of the four second round playoff series.
The NHL playoffs are well underway and the quality of play throughout Round 1 has been almost universally high. Here are some insights and observations from each of the eight first round series.
WATCH: Just six minutes into the game, Downie left his feet and charged into Lovejoy behind the Penguins net. The Lightning
Rebuilding franchises will always be measured by the success of their draft picks. Luckily, for the owners of the top three picks in last year's NHL draft, things are already looking good.