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The errant bullet struck 69-year-old Vernon Messier in the shin.
Adam Putnam, a self-described "NRA sellout" running for Florida governor, received $670,000 from the company.
Tariffs on Canadian paper, imposed at the behest of a New York hedge fund, are claiming 50 U.S. jobs — so far.
Hundreds of cities and town across the nation are losing money protecting Wal-Mart's merchandise. It's just another example of public welfare for America's richest family.
As we study a wave of carefully-honed analyses of integration's potential to improve schools and our entire lives, we should pay special attention to the beginning of "The Problem We All Live With Part Two."
A few years ago, the Kaiser Family Foundation published an analysis by researchers at the Urban Institute. It projected the
Wright and Gibney criticized Cruise and Travolta's silence regarding claims of abuse. Both Travolta and Cruise are discussed
Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) refused to say on Tuesday whether he knew that the reason the state attorney general requested a delay for an execution last year was because it conflicted with a political fundraiser.
We thought we had put the Obama misspellings behind us... Yeah, not so fast... That was until JimRomenesko pointed out this
Abusive, unregulated religious homes still operate across the country, luring desperate parents with glossy brochures and promises of salvation for their troubled children.
When I introduced myself, every part of her face smiled at me from her eyes to her chin. My column is meant to raise Paula to the high level that she deserved.
Not thinking anything of it he entered his financial information and hit submit. What he didn't notice was the small print at the bottom of the screen.
Nonprofit board members, leaders, funders, volunteers, donors, and regulators are all in this together, so let's take proactive steps to prevent fraud and ensure that nonprofits are living up to the high standards the public expects and deserves.
Fifteen-year-old Davion Navar Henry Only has spent his entire life in Florida's foster care system. He's been moved from placement to placement throughout his childhood. For some children like Davion, foster care can last an entire childhood.
The New York Times took home a total of four category wins in feature writing and investigative, international and explanatory reporting. John Branch was recognized for his exceptional feature work on the paper's first-ever large-scale multimedia project, Snowfall.
Downtown Tampa is a liberal's heaven. As you approach downtown Tampa, a big sign reads: "Welcome to Tampa! Where the mayor
Florida Gov. Rick Scott appeared confused about the Tampa Bay region, the state's second largest metropolitan area, in an