Menstrual cups, period underwear, reusable pads and more products you can order today if can't find tampons in stores.
A growing number of items have been affected by supply chain problems.
Toilet paper will no longer be the only essential hygiene item available free of cost in Scottish facilities.
The bill was spearheaded by high school senior Caroline Dillon after she did a school project about period poverty in the U.S.
State Rep. Richard Pickett argued that incarcerated women can already buy pads and tampons, although many cannot afford the products on low prison wages.
They sometimes use their kids' diapers and even go to the ER for period products, says a new study.
The new justice bill would require U.S. prisons to give menstrual hygiene products to inmates for free.
Kimberly-Clark recalled U by Kotex Sleek tampons, regular absorbency, after some customers reported needing medical attention.
It started when he wasn't permitted to use his budget to buy menstrual hygiene products for his staff.
Model and activist Lauren Wasser, who lost her right leg in 2012 and now her left, was suffering from severe pain.