Tamron Hall

"I feel it’s a reminder to everyone to not give up on your dreams," the veteran journalist said two years after her exit from the "Today" show.
Many women could relate to the former “Today” host’s reasons for keeping her pregnancy a secret for 32 weeks.
"I can’t wait to introduce y’all to my #sonshine,” the daytime talk show host wrote on Instagram.
The former NBC host is living her "best life" and is partnering with ABC for a new show.
It'll be “unconventional, fun, intimate and sometimes even raw."
The former "Today" show host said she is now working with her agents on next steps about a talk show deal she signed with The Weinstein Co.
The journalist is helping victims by educating their families.
This kind of portrayal relies on a negative shock factor that may undermine its effectiveness.
Regardless of sector, race, or age, we all want the same things for our families and ourselves: as my mother says, "health, happiness, safety, the strength to cope with anything that comes our way." Here are six practices that help me get a little closer to whole heart health.
Is success Wall Street and money? Not for me. Success is waking up every morning fulfilled by my work and confident that I'm forging a new American Dream. I want to share a lesson my mom taught me: It's not bad to be defined by what you do, so long as you can be proud and happy in that work.
Hall reportedly has the support she needs for approval.
We all have memories that are tied to the foods, people, and traditions that we hold close. I sat down with some of my favorite chefs (and friends) to get an inside peek at some of their favorite memories with loved ones in the kitchen.
“My sister battled substance abuse in her early years -- she overcame all of those things -- and I’ve watched people dissect