"I feel lucky to be doing the thing that I did in our garage or our driveway using the garage as a curtain," he said. "Just
Making a Dream a Reality When Summers was growing up he was interested in history and archaeology, but always enjoyed drawing
And speaking of animated classics, out ahead of the March 4th release of Zootopia, the El Capitan recently held a week-long
Eugene will follow Rapunzel on her excursions, along with sidekick Pascal, Maximus the horse, the Snuggly Duckling pub thugs
As part of today's official announcement of Disney Television Animation's Tangled series, Gary Marsh -- President and Chief Creative Officer of Disney Channels Worldwide -- was quick to praise the talented team that has come together to make this new TV show possible.
As a marketer, strategist, story consultant, and sometimes novelist who specializes in entertainment, I can both cheer the accomplishment of Cinderella and be disappointed at the opportunity lost.
After Disney's Tangled made its theatrical debut back in November of 2010, Roy Conli thought that there was no way to top the experience that this veteran producer had just had on that Walt Disney Animation Studios production.
I grew up in a Catholic neighborhood, with signs of Saint Francis everywhere. There he stood, a child-sized cement statue with a tonsure and a soap on a rope belt, surrounded by birds and bunnies.
If you have children -- or if you're just a fan of whimsical wintry fun -- you've probably seen "Frozen" more times than
Elsa from "Frozen" Rapunzel from "Tangled Flynn Rider from "Tangled" Jack Frost from "Rise of the Guardians" Hiccup from