Celebrity tanning artist Sophie Evans shares her tips and tricks for getting sun when you can't get the real thing outside.
From spray tan mishaps to self tanner woes, these will resonate with those who go the sunless route.
Twitter users roasted the claim, with one calling it a "big lie."
Religious sunblock use can’t undo years of childhood sun damage.
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So what can you do when fun in the sun turns into a disaster? These six tips might not reverse the damage overnight, but they can ease some of the pain. Hey, I'll take it!
I was careless with my skin as a teen and now I'm terrified of getting skin cancer like my father. Even though my fair, Irish skin would freckle and burn it didn't stop me from trying to achieve that golden glow featured in glossy magazine ads for Hawaiian Tropic and Bain de Soleil.
It's about time!
If 50 percent of all cancers are preventable, we need to start hearing news about cancer declining, not increasing. Are we as a nation up to this challenge?
It all boils down to indoor tanning.