The House speaker sent a letter to her congressional colleagues Wednesday night to comment on the president's Rose Garden meltdown.
The California Medical Board said his diagnosis was hasty and "grossly negligent."
“I didn’t pound the table, I didn’t raise my voice. That was a lie," the president said on his meeting with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.
The cover comes after Trump doubled down on his demand for $5.7 billion in border wall money to end the partial government shutdown.
In a statement released overnight, both lawmakers slammed Trump for the "destructive" shutdown motivated by his fight for border wall money.
Few things rival a kid tantrum for shock, awe and (especially in public) damage to the parental ego. Triggered by seemingly
I like to think of myself as a smart and well-educated person. From time to time, I even think that maybe, just maybe I am
We were out of marshmallow cereal and (gasp) she has to lower herself and eat a different sugar-filled cereal instead.
1. Accept the situation for what it is. You can't change the fact that it's happened, now it's time to end it in a more peaceful
When a situation is getting heated with your child, a script that has been spoken many times before may threaten to come out of your mouth.
While technology will always be a mainstay in our home, (I work in the industry after all), it will not rule us any longer.
In a tragic turn of events, my 3-year-old son Max has lost his most prized red remote-control monster truck.
Another toddler’s tantrum is making headlines — except this time it resulted in a very generous act from a stranger.
I had no idea what to do with my rage at that moment. I didn't want to unleash it on him, but I also didn't want to let him get away with that kind of disrespect.
I'm hoping that my daughter grows up and sees that she is a force, a small comet of will drilling through the world. Tantrum, my darling. I am counting on that frustration, that urge to want, to get you through this life.
Honking is something that feels OK for many of us to do, but feels terribly personal when it happens to us. Honking may create sound on the outside, but it happens because we're not too happy inside... and we need a release.
If you notice an abrupt change in your formerly peaceful child, they could be taking a turn into disequilibrium.
"When the food is not on the table for my kids when they get home from daycare, they have a fit," Mia says. In this clip