That's what's so spectacular about the Urban Nutcracker--it's not just a great show, as professional and endearing as any
If you thought Beyoncé's hit song couldn't get any better, think again.
There's no shortage of supplies, services or opportunities for every one of the city's delightful dancers and extraordinary dance companies.
Michelle Koutsoubelis tap dances in the shower. She can't help it; the running water sets her feet on fire.
Given our history, it's terrific to see a County Supervisor and others promoting, rather than deriding, transit ridership in LA. Still, I'd rather see expedited transit construction than read incredulous creative writing about how Metro is meeting artificially low ridership projections.
The uniquely exciting world of tap dancing has still never been presented as a full-evening program at any of the national cultural center's principle venues, but that's about to change.
What I do know is that everyone is focused on the tests. Insofar as those tests are assessing critical academic and life skills, that's not necessarily a bad thing, but judging a student, a teacher or a school by those scores is not getting us where we need to be.
Now I don't claim to be smart enough to understand the whole testing debate, but from a classroom teacher's perspective, it seems like everyone ought to relax and start with the things reasonable people can agree on:
Where would you like to see American tap dance in the future? Brenda Bufalino from The Dance Enthusiast on Vimeo. BB: I would
The New York DREAM Act is a perfect example of a low cost, high reward investment. For a minimal expense, thousands of young New Yorkers would have a better chance at realizing their professional dreams
Mathematica's findings suggest the program's expansion may have been premature: The study compounds five years of data collected
Beer seems to be moving the same way wine did 20 years ago: Lots of new entrants, the emergence of "beer geekery"... and the growing popularity of monster, high-alcohol beers.
Leading education experts share ideas on what schools can do and are doing to keep teachers from leaving the profession.
U.S. authorities have the ability to tap communications made from BlackBerry devices, which is the same surveillance that The UAE and Saudi Arabia are requesting.
Does Natalia Paruz's tune come from heaven or hell? It emanates from a saw -- the carpenter's tool that's used to cut wood.
by Sarah Laskow, Media Consortium blogger Consider, for instance, Forrest Whittaker's report in The Texas Observer about