Though it reportedly appears the girl actively participated in the sex acts, she would have been unable to give legal consent at 14.
White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about the alleged "N-word" tape at a press briefing.
Cohen’s attorney Lanny Davis told CNN that the president can be heard asking to pay with cash, presumably for the former Playboy model's story.
The actress shares her experience with discrimination in Hollywood.
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In the wake of the global growth of interest in art in the streets, one form of tourism that may soon be blowing up could be graffiti excursions, street art sightseeing, or even mural journeying.
Bernie, based on a true-crime story from a small Texas town, is a film Linklater knew he wanted to make when he first read the Texas Monthly story about the case in 1998.
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If this describes you, hooray! You don't mind getting all naked and jostled about, but are too shy to get the recognition
I was first introduced to mixed media artist Rochelle Botello by a mutual friend, artist, and curator Marshall Astor. He was showing a collection of her drawings on paper and I had to get one for myself. I fell in love on the spot.