Tara Lipinski

Richard Callaghan, who trained 1998 Olympic gold medalist Tara Lipinski, allegedly sexually abused multiple skaters when they were teens.
The invites. The gorgeous Wedding Paper Divas invites featured a painting that Todd commissioned of him proposing to Tara
But that's not all they brought. Plenty of tackle practice ... ... And, of course, plenty of sparkle. The Patriots and Seahawks
According to "Access Hollywood," the former figure skaters turned viral sensations will join Billy Bush, Shaun Robinson, Liz
My 10th birthday was riddled with grief. I wasn't a little girl anymore. At Delaware, there were 6-year-olds who could jump higher and spin faster than me. At 10, it felt like the ice was melting. At 10, I was washed up.
On her own Olympic experience and her advice for the Sochi athletes: I did everything. I was a little kid in a candy shop
Tara Lapinski abides. Here is a look back at the free skate routine from Nagano that made Lipinski the youngest individual
U.S. figure skater Tara Lipinski weighed in on Russia's controversial "gay propaganda" laws during a HuffPost Live appearance
As the youngest-ever gold medalist, ice skating champion Tara Lipinski knows well the pressure facing Olympic athletes as they head to Sochi. She joins us to preview the Winter Games.
Olympic Gold Medalist Tara Lipinski joins HuffPost Live to discuss dieting.
Between the artistry, the thrill of watching fearsome athletes hurl themselves into epic jumps, and the costumes (oh, the
She was 15. I was 12. My fate met me as I reached up to place a towel on the upper shelf of the linen closet next to the upstairs bathroom. Tara Lipinski was to win a gold medal that night and I was to put away laundry.
Willie Geist Ice Skates With Tara Lipinski on 'Today'
It's not that easy being gold. Tara Lipinski, who won the Olympic gold medal for ladies singles figure skating in 1998 at
Watch the full conversation on HuffPost Live. "But obviously it was extremely special -- the entire Olympic experience was
Shot putter Ralph Rose, for example, who won golds in the 1904, 1908 and 1912 Olympics, established the American tradition