University of Michigan biologists captured a video of a tarantula and a mouse opossum that's really freaking some people out.
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It's like Little Miss Muffet in reverse?
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With a sharp knife, the chef sliced the abdomen from the main frame -- leaving behind a trail of oozing butt and dispatched
As for the spider, she was unharmed in the encounter — though the researchers reported she "unexpectedly died two months
Warnings aside, reddit user King_Theseus uploaded this incredible photo of his pet's shell after the tarantula finished molting
Poecilotheria are tree-dwelling tarantulas that known for their bright coloring and potent venom. Habitat encroachment could
Opened in 2010, Bloom Training Centre and Café is the brain-child of Ruth Larwill, a mother of two from Brisbane, Australia, who found she could use her passion for cake decorating to provide economic opportunity for vulnerable women in Cambodia.
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I've been waiting to encounter the famed biodiversity of the Amazon. I have pictures of a yellow-green butterfly and the green frogs that hopped inside when it rained too hard for too long.
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Understanding the Mind of an Ant -- or How to Avoid Bad Insect Art "I was a loner who liked the backwoods. So basically, as